Dissertation Methodology – Data Gathering and Techniques

We are always faced with a dilemma that is equivalent to writing a project. This is very true in high school and college education parameters. But aside from the fact that you need to create a thesis statement, there is also a demand for you to write numerous chapters that will build the entire research paper. For the mean time, let us talk about one of these chapters, the methodology.

What is the purpose of writing a methodology chapter? Basically, you would like to increase the reliability aspect of your research paper by writing a methods part. In this chapter, you will present all the activities that you have done in order to acquire data. Not only that, the dissertation chapter also provides details how you were able to come up with a numerical figure that will either confirm or reject your hypotheses. It is like presenting to your readers that you have actually done the right measures in order to come up with a solid conclusion for your problem statement.

A dissertation example may be used in order to write a methodology. However, there must be some difficulties using it especially if you are only to read an already completed thesis paper. So for your convenience, let us enumerate some details that are involved in data gathering and data analysis methods for your methods chapter.

Data Mining – This is a technique wherein you only need to search for data that were already constructed from past researches. You may obtain work sheets and spreadsheets from institutions that possess them. Depending on the topic interest of your research paper, you may go to libraries, research institutions and even government offices to obtain published data available for the public.

Surveying – One good measure of data gathering technique is surveying. Practically, it will give you the opportunity to immediately get the main responses of subjects. This way, you will get very raw data and be able to conduct analysis with more confidence. However, it is moderately effort and time consuming. Still, this is one of the most popular data gathering procedures when it comes to building any statistics coursework.

Laboratory Experiment – It is also a good thing to conduct lab experimental procedures because you can immediately set a control. This will further eliminate data collection errors because you can easily tally right away the results coming from the experiments. They are usually conducted for highly technical research papers like technology coursework research papers or biology essay theses.

A dissertation methodology will of course need the part of data analysis to be presented. You can actually decide on your own what analysis methods will best suit your acquired data. But if you are still clueless how to write a dissertation as a whole, you may always come back here to this site for reference. We at Academia-Research would like to help you in building dissertation ideas, creating thesis statements and writing the paper itself. Contact us for more details and see the difference of having a reliable source of assistance online.