Dissertation Proposal – things that you should know

If you will be writing your very first dissertation proposal, it is important that you first learn how to construct the chapters in it. Also, the concern of writing your thesis statement is as crucial as completing the entire dissertation itself so you must be aware of some guidelines how to do it. But why are you gong to search for these answers if you can manage to learn all of them in this website? Let us provide you with some general ideas on how to create your thesis paper.

A dissertation proposal is a requirement in school that is usually done right before the semester ends. In most cases, those who are graduating by the end of the academic year are the ones who are more pressured to do a research paper. Technically, this is the best way to see whether a student has learned something out of college or high school levels. So a dissertation proposal is like a passport to go to a higher level of learning or possibly to graduate from school.

In general, a dissertation paper is simply an essay type of a document only that you have to divide the parts into defined chapters. Also, you must have a solid background how to conduct analyses using some numerical figures that will be involved in your research procedures. With a good thesis statement, the only thing that you need to do is to come up with the results to prove your claim or to solve the problem in the problem sentence.

The introduction is the first part of the dissertation paper. Usually, this is where you will have to present your general idea on why you have conducted the research process. This is also where your thesis statement is included as well as the supporting problem statements and hypotheses. When you write your introduction, you can always consider putting the main agenda of the research.

The literature review comes next. This is very simple to construct because it is like summarizing another person’s work. You will find another reference thesis paper that has the same scope or interest as yours. Then you will summarize and compress the results of that thesis paper to form a one page summary that will refer to your topic. Basically, the goal is to make your readers realize that there are also some researchers who were interested to do a study on the same topic as yours.

The methodology part is where you will provide the details how you came up with the data set and how you have analyzed it through a statistical formulation set. If you have previously done some statistics coursework then you should already be familiar with surveying, interviewing, using descriptive statistics or utilizing ANOVA.

Data, results and analysis can come as a single chapter. Basically, this is where you will present all the number figures that you have acquired for the study. Also, you may simply enumerate your results in this chapter just for the purpose of presentation. Write an essay about the results and it is also possible.

Lastly, the conclusion sets the closing chapter for your dissertation proposal. This is where you will be summarizing all our findings. You also need to provide your answer to your thesis problem statement.