Guide in Writing a Dissertation Project

There are so many things that relate to the actual learning tasks of students in college. Here, you will be facing one of the toughest school requirements, writing a dissertation project. Right now, you need to prepare yourself in handling this kind of a task for it equates to a large portion of your final grade. But what is a dissertation in the first place? A dissertation is just another name for thesis or research paper. Basically, you will be doing a lot of researching tasks that will involve your search for answers to your problem statement. The thesis statement should first be realized before researching so you can have a core guide parameter on what to research about. Now, you need to transfer our results into writing. This is where the difficulty arises for there are certain instructions that you need to know in writing a thesis paper.

  1. Choose a topic interest. You may first write a list of general subjects that you wish to talk about in your dissertation. There are many of them; history, biology, math, computer, law, literature and so on. This is important because you need to identify what subject you are really interested and familiar with.
  2. Create a thesis statement. This statement is not an ordinary sentence. It should assert a notion that you think is really essential to talk about. A thesis statement should be very specific and based on your opinion, observed fact or a factual claim by other previous assertions.
  3. A dissertation project must adhere to the instructional guidance on what chapter to include in the paper. This means you need to identify the parts that are needed for your research paper. The basic ones are introduction, literature review, methodology, data, analysis, results and conclusion. Sometimes, you may also need to attach the Abstract, Illustrations, Recommendations and all other miscellaneous parts.
  4. When you write your dissertation project, always remember to cite your resources. This means that you need to know how to use the Harvard, APA or MLA formats of citation. Highly technical topics and corresponding research paper like a computer science dissertation or a marketing dissertation will demand that you use citation style thoroughly.
  5. The last objective in dissertation project writing is to proofread it. You must allocate time and effort in doing this because you need to polish out the spelling and grammar errors that may have been overlooked when you were writing the paper. Remember that no matter how good the paper was written, it will all be tarnished with spelling and grammar errors.

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