How to write a dissertation

Learn how to write dissertations effectively

how to write a dissertationMost students find dissertation writing difficult because it is a new experience to them. They find the process complicated and look for help on how to write a dissertation. We have tried to explain the elements of a dissertation in this article and also the approach you can adopt to make your dissertation an effective one.

The initial phase

A scholar when given the task of dissertation writing may at first find it difficult to master the skill of writing this type of academic paper. But with university guidelines and also help from his advisor he can start of the writing process.
The basic composition of a dissertation is similar. Here is the list of elements that your dissertation must contain.

Title page

The title page or the cover page is the page that contains the basic details of the dissertation like the title description, the date of submission and the name of the scholar along with his degree and details of the college or university.

Table of contents

The contents of the dissertation will be shown sequentially in this section. You may elaborately explain the findings here.


This section should form an integral part of advice on how to write dissertations. As the essay writer you must explain your involvement with the research project and also include a list of acknowledgements for those who have contributed in your efforts.


In this section you should present a summary of the objective along with findings and accomplishments of the research.


This is actually the main body of the dissertation where you should present the findings of the research. Divide this part into as many paragraphs as possible to increase clarity and maintain a sequential flow of information.


This section must contain the list of references that you have used in your dissertation. Use appropriate referencing style.


Your dissertation must contain a glossary of words and expressions that are normally not used.
The style and presentation of dissertations widely differs depending on the topic of research and the specific requirements of a university. So you may have to refer to further help on how to write a dissertation.

You can get dissertation help from your advisor.

After completing your dissertation you must keep aside enough time to edit your work. Check for the references you have used and also whether you have missed any important point.

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Getting help on your dissertation is not difficult to get. You can approach your advisor for help. You can also take professional guidance. Such professional help is available galore and is easy to locate also. But it is imperative that you know how to write dissertations because your grade and future career depends on it.