How to write a dissertation introduction

Learn how to write a dissertation introduction

how to write a dissertation introduction

Students often find it difficult to write the introduction of their dissertation. They either do not know how to introduce their topic or how to make the introduction interesting enough to grab the attention of their readers. Tips on how to write a dissertation introduction may prove to be beneficial for these students.

What is dissertation introduction?

The first chapter of an academic dissertation comprises of dissertation introduction. This is one of the essential elements of your dissertation as it provides all the basic information about your paper.

The introduction sets the stage for the readers about what to expect from the paper. It not only launches the topic but also introduces the writer.

How to begin the introduction?

When a reader starts reading the dissertation introduction he expects to know the purpose of the dissertation. So it would be wise to start your dissertation with a one line summary of the goal of the dissertation. This statement will clearly define the purpose of your research.

The statement will also make it very clear what as a scholar you want to achieve through your paper.

The background of your research

After giving the readers an introduction to your topic it is time to describe the background of your research.
An important aspect of how to write a dissertation introduction would be to associate your project with historic researches.

You can discuss the context of the project against a historical background and why did you choose the particular topic. You can also initiate the readers to previous researches that relate to your topic. This will help the readers to fit your research against a greater scheme of things. They will also be able to compare your project to previous ones.

Explain your hypothesis

After providing the initial introduction it is time to narrate your hypothesis. You can provide the reasons for believing in the hypothesis and how your knowledge about the field made you consider the hypothesis.
You may also explain to your readers how you plan to prove or disprove your hypothesis by using evidences and argument.
You should also elaborate your research process and how you are planning to tackle questions that are raised in the process.

Provide a plan of your project

As a part of the learning process of how to write a dissertation introduction you must include a plan of the dissertation in the introduction itself. Enlighten your readers about the scope of the dissertation by providing chapter wise breakup of your paper. This will prepare the readers to form a basic idea about what you will deal in the forthcoming chapters.

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