How to write a dissertation proposal

Sometimes it is still hard to understand the process of dissertation writing even if the many resources online are widely available. Maybe this is due to the fact that the basic things are not even discussed so students may become intimidated in writing their own piece of research papers. As a start, we will give you some ideas on how to write a dissertation proposal so that you can easily prepare yourself in doing more rigorous tasks in dissertation paper writing.

What is a dissertation proposal in the first place? When you want to conduct a research, it is necessary that you have an outline of a plan as to how you would like to proceed with the process. Usually, this plan is called the dissertation proposal. You must have a goal of interest in researching which is then signified by the proposal plan paper. Therefore, instructors are going to evaluate your plan so that you will know whether it is a good topic interest or it is feasible to conduct researches based on your selected topic.

The first thing that you have to consider is to think of a topic for a dissertation proposal. Many times we have discussed the factors in selecting the best subject for discussions. When you select a topic, make sure that it follows these characteristic profiles; feasibility of the topic, importance and significance of the topic to the society, your personal interest of the topic and the resources availability that you can use for the research.

How to write a dissertation proposal involves the writing of a single page plan which incorporates several parts. These parts are almost identical to the chapters of a regular research paper but the thing is you need not include all the results of the plan. Therefore, you can simply write a brief description of the parts in the proposal.

The dissertation proposal contains the following parts:

Title-your planned title of the entire research paper. It may be a draft at first.

Thesis statement-the idea of the thesis paper. It should already have a specific but strong idea or research goal.

Background-the background of the study is like the representative of the introduction part of the dissertation paper. Some university assignment essays also have this part.

Significance-you can discuss why the topic was selected so that you can increase the importance factor of the research plan.

Methodology-discuss the procedures undertaken in the research process. You can talk about data gathering and data analysis.

Conclusion-you can either provide a tentative conclusion or a guess of the results of your thesis paper.

Resources-discuss what resource materials you are going to use in the research writing task.

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