Marketing Dissertation Topics

The very essence of dissertation writing insists in teaching the students how to develop a topic of their interests into a useful source of new knowledge. Technically, you are going to write a whole document that should analyze the previously regarded facts and is to be integrated to sets of new discoveries. So, what are the possible marketing dissertation topics that can be discussed?

Generally, there is a direct relation between the type of course of a student and the research paper he/she is going to cover. If you are enrolled in the economics or business faculty, then most probably you will be writing the dissertations related to the same scope. Now, let us give you some key dissertation topics in marketing for your future investigation.


It is a well-known fact that the role of money in the business and marketing world is extensive. You can easily find some underlying marketing dissertation topics here if you have a good understanding about the place of money in the economic development process. Therefore, you might write about the flow of financial assets within a particular niche of business. The most common ones are connected with the services, industrial and trade sectors.

Aside from the money transactions, you may also develop a thesis that will involve the creation of new investments for people. Of course, we have the conventional types like stock market domains, banking, realty and many others. However, you can still manage to write a thesis that will present a thesis statement on some other effective forms of investments. Speaking about an economics dissertation, it may easily adapt to the principles of exposing new techniques in investing.

Product Tips

It is also possible to select the marketing dissertation topics that have a sense of exposing some newly generated products. At the very beginning, you may start with the analysis of products, services and advertising campaigns. For instance, you can determine how efficiently the services are rendered or even how successfully the advertising techniques of agencies are implemented. In addition, you are advised to complete first a marketing assignment essay that is going to provide you with some survey results from real raw data.


One more marketing dissertation topic that you can choose lies in the scope of theoretical analysis. Actually, you may use some defined theories from great economists and identify the feasible parameters for a research study. Of course, it is going to be difficult to find evidences and data, but you can, at least, test whether such theories are acceptable for your investigation judging from the actual marketing strategies in business operations.

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