Popular Question: What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is the single most important project that a student needs to come up with. Usually, the question of ‘what is a dissertation’ is only applied to first time writers and researchers. If you are one of these people who are now tasked to compose a thesis paper, then you should know the facts and parts of a dissertation. A dissertation is not a simple as writing a small essay. It actually incorporates all your skills in writing and researching as well as in carrying out an experimental design to support your thesis statement.

So what are the necessary parts in a dissertation paper? Like an essay, the dissertation is a segmented project that you wish to implement a single goal or purpose of researching. In this aspect, you need to have the following parts:

  1. Introduction-the background of the study. It explains and presents the real purpose of writing a thesis paper. It is also the part where you will have to include the thesis statement or the general idea and problem statement of the entire dissertation.
  2. Literature review- the chapter that involves the summary of other people’s work. The significance of the topic is being measured by this chapter since you are presenting the fact that other people have already researched for the topic interest.
  3. Methodology-the part that explains how the researcher was able to put up the process for the study. It provides details about how the data were gathered as well as what analysis methods were undertaken for the research.
  4. Data and Analysis-this segment allows you to provide the readers of the much technical information that are useful to come up with a conclusion. The data and analysis part is where you will be putting all the numerical information.
  5. Results-some students can integrate this part into the data analysis chapter but the only purpose of writing this is to narrow down the results and summarize them into a compact form. You can also correlate the results to the assumptions of the hypotheses in the thesis statement.
  6. Conclusion-this is the finalizing chapter of the dissertation paper. Many university assignment essays have an important consideration of the conclusion because it represent the totality of the research paper. Also, this part provides the resolution for the thesis problem statement.
  7. Abstract-usually it is provided at the early pages of the dissertation paper but you can also see this part after the conclusion. The abstract is also called the executive summary of the paper. This provides a reader the total snapshot of the results of the research with very minimal features.

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