Psychology Dissertation

What do we need to know when it comes to writing a psychology dissertation? Actually, it is not really a matter of writing for a single topic that leads to the learning process of dissertation writing. What is more important is that you know the parts involved in a research paper no matter what the topic interest may be. Of course, you can select any topics in the domains of psychology but be reminded that there are no exact instructions as to how to write a research paper based on the topic interest. That is why we will talk about the general characteristics of chapters that are involved in writing a thesis paper.

  1. Introduction-this chapter is the primary part in any research papers. You can always see this one at the very starting point of the entire document. It involves the presentation of the background of the study. Also, it is where you will put the thesis statement which is the main idea of the entire research paper.
  2. Literature review-the literature review makes your topic a more interesting aspect of researching. Actually, it relates your subject to other documents and makes your study more significant. Using al literature review, you are actually summarizing another person’s work to show your readers that there have been other studies executed on the same topic area.
  3. Methodology-this is the part where you will expose how you were able to gather the data necessary in the research process. Not only that, you also need to present that analyses executed to establish the research results. Usually, you can expect terms from a statistics coursework to be included here.
  4. Data and Analysis-this part involves simply the presentation of your numerical data. It is where you will calculate statistical results to establish your hypothesis assumptions. Of course, the results will also be written here and relate them to your problem statement.
  5. Conclusion-the last part of any psychology dissertations will always be the conclusion. This is where you will summarize all of your discussions in the research paper. Also, you can list down generalizations about your hypothesis tests and solve your problems that have risen in the course of the study.
  6. Additional pages like recommendations and illustrations may also be included. These are especially useful for research papers that are considered highly technical. Some examples are computer science dissertations and math research papers.

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