Sport Dissertation – Know the Basic Parts

If you are a sports buff, you can simply write a sport dissertation. This is the way for you to extend your knowledge about different sports and probably enjoy writing your dissertation paper. However, it may also be important for you to know what chapters are required to write a dissertation in general. If you know how to write an essay, then there should be no problems. Because an essay is an integral part of all the chapters of your thesis paper, knowing how to write the former can give you better chances of surviving a dissertation project.

What topics can I write about in a sport dissertation? If you are an athlete, an avid fan of sporting games or simply a sports geek, then you can write any topics that you want. Primarily, you need to focus on your strong topic interests. For example, not all people are interested to play cricket or rugby but most of the people I know are interested in basketball and baseball. As you can see, it all boils down to the interest of the person. The more interested you are in a topic, the better are your chances of writing a good dissertation out of it.

Ok now I know what topic I will write about so what’s next? As I mentioned above, you need to know the basic parts of a dissertation paper. This is the same when you are writing a marketing dissertation or a law thesis paper. All of these papers require you to include the basic chapters that many academic institutions recognize. Let me list down the parts that you need to include and develop in your sport dissertation.

Abstract: this is a summary of your entire research paper included in the dissertation front page. You need to include this so that your readers can take a look at the overview of your paper. Write this chapter in about 300 to 500 words. Do not saturate it with a lot of details because you are reserving them to the designated chapters in the paper.

Introduction: this is the primary part of the paper that presents the background of the study. You also need to explain here why you have chosen the topic and provide a thesis statement.

Literature review: the part that summarizes a synthesized version of other research paper. The papers should all be about your topic. You are trying to increase the relevance of the subject by looking at other people’s work.

Methodology: this part discusses how the research methods were utilized. You need to include the data gathering and data analysis methods you have used for the research.

Data analysis and results: obviously you know what this part is. You only need to present all the numerical and additional information about the research data. Provide explanations as to how the results can be used to support your hypothesis testing.

Conclusion: this is the final part of your sport dissertation. In your discussion, include everything as results. You can also provide your resolution to the problem statement in the introduction. Provide a summary for the entire research result and you are done.