Start With Your Masters Dissertation

In your high school and college undergraduate levels, you have already tried writing a dissertation proposal. Now if you are currently enrolled in a master’s degree education program, you will still be required to write a masters dissertation for evaluation purposes. But you may think, what are the main differences that I should expect between an undergraduate and masters from of research papers? Let us give you some insights about it.

A master’s dissertation will still follow the same structures in thesis paper writing. If you have your copy of you past research papers, you can make them as dissertation examples for the same format s still applicable in a masters level thesis paper. The chapters, the scope of researching, the editing process and the parts of the physical documents are the same attributes applicable to your master’s papers.

However, it is important to take note of the slight differences when it comes to topic selection. Since you are on the level higher than the undergraduate studies, you will purely learn only those lessons that will involve your actual course requirements. You will be relieved of doing tasks involved in general education subjects like language, history or general math. As a master’s student, you will simply concentrate on your chosen education field which therefore also predicts that you limit your topic scope of a master’s dissertation in that manner. For example, if you are a law student, then a masters dissertation type of a law dissertation will be your only option to consider in selecting a topic. You may select some parameters of the law in general like constitution, public law or international rulings. But never will you be allowed to select those topics coming from other disciplines. Or if you are a computer science masters student, your options would be to write an IT coursework research paper or a computer science dissertation.

A master’s dissertation will also demand more analysis methods when it comes to the data gathering and data analysis parts. Since you are expected to have the right knowledge in using these parameters tasks to prove your arguments and thesis statements, you need to master some key functions of statistical tools that are appropriate and related to your topic interest. As a master’s level student, you cans till use the basics like ANOVA, descriptive statistics and hypothesis testing. But you are also required to use other methods that yield more promising results like non-parametric analysis, regression, time series analysis (good for economics topics) or multivariate analysis.

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