The First PhD Dissertation

When I was first instructed to write my dissertation, it was really a clueless and frustrating experience for me. I was never really taught how to write at least a simple research paper so I was wondering how I will survive college if a dissertation paper is going to be required. However, the internet has provided me lots and lots of resources to combat the dilemmas in writing a thesis paper. In this case, I would like to share some pointers to you so that you can also take time to realize what parts are necessary from an undergraduate dissertation to a PhD dissertation.

Actually, there is no real difference between undergraduate, masters and PhD dissertations. You can only see the significant deviations from the three levels only in their contents. As a given aspect, undergraduate research papers are the very first type of learning conditions in researching. On the other hand, the PhD dissertation serves as the optimum or superior level in writing an essay for research. So what should be considered high level in a PhD dissertation?

The same group of categories and chapters can still be used in a PhD paper. The Introduction, Literature Review, Methods, Data and Analysis and Conclusion are all important chapters in writing a thesis. Now, the main condition that sets it apart from other levels of research paper writing comes in the notion of topic interest and overall detail and accuracy of the data. Since you are already a PhD student, you must live by its conditions of generating only the best types of documents when it comes to research paper writing. Moreover, your topic interest should be very specific by this time and that your goal is to produce more knowledge out of your specialized course subject. For example, if you were previously instructed to write a law dissertation in general when you are in undergraduate level, the PhD level equivalent should be more specific like a topic about the “flaws of the international constitution of United Nations implemented in East Timor”, a very specific and very demanding topic interest when it comes to researching.

A PhD dissertation also demands that you only utilize reference materials that are highly reliable and provide accurate information. This only signifies that you must limit your researching to institutions that are well respected when it comes to materials in reading resources. The library is the best source of information while the internet may be the lowest form of researching source because you can easily acquire non-competent research materials effortlessly. Therefore, you must always remember that it is important to use only the most accurate, reliable and up to date reference materials when writing your research paper.

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