Topics and Purposes in Writing: Music Dissertation

Not so many people will try to make a music dissertation. These types of thesis papers are usually to be found among students who are enrolled in a music course or subject. Why is that? There is a certain group of people who only want to talk about music in a technical manner while others prefer only to be audiences, like listeners. Now, if you are one of the people who appreciate music beyond a listening level, then you will probably be interested to write a music dissertation or essay examples about the same topic.

A music dissertation has a wide horizon of topic possibilities. We are not merely concentrating on the aspect of how much you appreciate a music masterpiece. There are also some other domains which you can learn about the topic and that you can even write a thesis paper out of them.

What topic interest or direction of writing can I apply for my music dissertation? There are so many topics and genres that you can utilize for your thesis. Let us list down some possible leads for you if you are having a hard time in realizing these subjects.

  1. Music in the industry of IT and computers.
  2. Why the music industry is no longer profitable.
  3. Classical music and its effects to personalities of people.
  4. Who are the music listeners and what do they listen to?
  5. Is music really a form of art?
  6. How can we visualize music as a form of visual arts?
  7. The great musicians of the past, why they are no longer highly regarded.
  8. The music qualities of different generations, a comparison.
  9. Limiting music access using the internet.
  10. Careers in the music industry.
  11. Music artists, are they still influential?

There are also some other ways for you to write your music dissertation when we talk about the purposes of writing, the primary objective supports your topic interest. Usually, we can write an easier article in essay form but we can also integrate the process in a dissertation paper. You can then relate such a topic to a media dissertation or to an arts thesis paper. If you want to, you can also first use a help essay sample file to assist you. Here are the possible research directions that you can use for your dissertation writing scheme.

  1. Informative and narrative
  2. Persuasive
  3. Argumentative
  4. classification
  5. cause and effect
  6. descriptive

Of course you have already asked ‘what is a dissertation?’ but you have not tried integrating the purpose aspect of writing. This time, you can easily relate your thesis paper to an essay that conforms to the presented directions of writing goal.

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