Two Stage Dissertation Format

We are always faced with the dilemma of writing a thesis paper in a correct dissertation format. Actually, there are two specific scopes that need to be addressed when dissertation format is to be realized. The first one comes as the correct chapter sequence and the other one is in the notion of using citation systems of writing. Let’s discuss some details that pertain to both aspects of formats in writing a thesis paper.

The first of the dissertation format concerns is the outright composition of the research paper. As a first rule, it is important to first take note of the topic interest that you wish to develop. You can select from marketing, biology, IT, computer science, literature, arts and humanities. Afterward, you need to specify a thesis statement that will serve as the guiding topic for you to compose the entire research paper on.

In a dissertation format, the chapters that you need to include vary greatly according to the purpose of each segment. But for your convenience let us simply enumerate them and provide you with some general descriptions of what to include in such chapters.

Introduction – The introductory paragraph of the dissertation paper. This provides the thesis statement as well as the problem goals. You may also put here the hypotheses that you intend to confirm.

Literature review – The summary of another work that relates to your thesis topic. This will become the “significance” chapter that will increase the importance of your research paper as you reference to another person’s work.

Methodology – The chapter where you can present all the details that you have undertaken in continuing with the research process. You can define the data gathering and data analysis functions in this part.

Data Analysis – You also need to present the data that were collected from the research process. This will provide more avenues for the readers to understand what details you have accomplished in using numerical figures to support your thesis statement.

Results – The presentation of the calculations that were done in this chapter.

Conclusion – The finalizing chapter of the dissertation format. This will provide the summary of the entire work as well as the conclusive answer to the problem statement.

When it comes to the dissertation format regarding the style in writing, we will discuss only at least two major ones, the APA and MLA formats. The APA format is usually used for science based research topics. These may include the creation of biology essays or any other science coursework research papers. On the other hand, the MLA format is more suitable for humanities and arts and literature topics like philosophy essays or visual arts dissertations. In any case, you may interchange the usage of these two formats as you wish.
Both of the formats mentioned will have definite instructions that will encompass the pagination techniques in writing, the in-text citation and the creation of the bibliography pages.

A research proposal format is very easy to understand. If you are still having concerns over how to write a dissertation, simply contact our representatives for assistance.