Understanding the Dissertation Structure

There are some ways to make your life easier in realizing the dissertation structure. One of these ways is to list down the chapters and arts that are important in constructing the whole dissertation. A dissertation structure can be based on the arrangement and contents of the parts of a thesis paper so let me give you some of the basics in building these segments. Of course you already know what a dissertation is and that it reflects a compendium of parts based on research parameters. What I am going to do is to make you aware of the parts that you need to include in the dissertation paper.

Abstract or Executive Summary – this primary part provides a rough summary of the entire contents of the dissertation, it is like a small essay paper which can only contain about 300 to 500 words. The segment provides the readers with info on what to expect in the research project. It may contain some duplicates or copies of information from other important parts of the thesis paper.

Introduction – the chapter usually is composed of information that relates to the background of the study. You should be able to present what the research intends to do and what problems will be resolved. The first thing that you need to include in the chapter is to introduce the main topic. It should also mention that areas of study that will be covered by the research. Bear in mind that the introduction should be short but concise. Avoid divulging too much information in this part.

Literature review – the part includes a summary of other documents that you wish to use to maximize the importance of your topic. It is actually a synthesized essay that contains different outlook and research results from other reliable documents. Remember that this is not the same a book review. This chapter should only contain research results from previous documents and that it must have the essence of the entire research topic that you wish to develop. In general, the contents of the review should be that it increases the overall significance of your topic interest.

Methodology – this part includes the discussions of how you were able to gather data and what methods of analysis were used for them. It should explain the procedures undertaken to come up with the results of the dissertation. This is really important especially if you are handling a technical research topic for a marketing dissertation for example.

Discussions and Results – this chapter probably occupies a large portion of the whole dissertation. This is because you are going to talk about what the essence of the whole research process sis. Also, it is important that you discuss here the results and make your readers become aware how these results will affect the resolution for you problem statement. You should be able to present the results in full accuracy and relate them on how you will prove or disprove your hypothesis.

Conclusion – the final chapter of the dissertation structure is the conclusion. It should summarize the entire research paper. Also, you should include the overall assessment of the results and then provide the final resolution for the hypothesis or thesis statement. If you feel that the process needs further researching, you may add recommendations.

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