What is a dissertation?

What is a dissertation? You must have heard of the term thesis paper or research paper. Actually, a dissertation is simply one name that we can use to regard a thesis project. Now, there are some more questions that you may need to ask. We will try to provide you some answers for them. Remember, a dissertation paper is a very demanding project in school. This moment should start as your preparation for the procedure once you are about to write your own paper.

A dissertation paper is a research paper. Therefore, you should expect to write the basic and common chapters required. There are practically several parts to integrate in the paper and you should know how to write each of them. Let me give you a glimpse to the details that you need to know about these chapters.

  1. Abstract, this chapter is a compressed summary of the entire research paper. It should give your readers an outlook on what to expect in your research paper results. It can be in a form of a small essay. You can write the abstract in about 300 to 500 words total. Do not divulge all the critical information about your research paper. Reserve all of them in for the other chapters.
  2. Introduction, this chapter provides an overview of what the topic is all about. You must explain why you have selected the topic and what you are trying to accomplish after the research. Usually, the introduction part is the host of the thesis statement.
  3. Literature review, this part will try to make sure that the topic is significant. It will be a synthesis of different research papers related to your topic. The main goal is to make sure the readers appreciate the topic because other researchers have already done their knowledge seeking in the past.
  4. Methodology, you may need some skills in doing statistics coursework because the methodology chapter involves data gathering and analysis. It is important that you provide your readers the information that you will use for the data. Thoroughly explain how you are going to gather data and what analysis methods you will apply to them.
  5. Data analysis and Results, this part only provides the information related to the calculations made and the relationship of the thesis statement hypothesis to the numerical results. You should make sure that you used appropriate statistics methods for the results to be reliable.
  6. Conclusion, this is the last part of the dissertation paper. It should contain the overall assumption of answers to the problem statement. Make sure that you support your final answer with the appropriate research results coming from the data analysis chapter.

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