Construct your Dissertation Research Proposal

When you want to get god results out of your tasks, you need to first create a plan that will guide you on the step by step procedures that you need to execute. This is the same idea behind creating a dissertation research proposal. You are trying to make a plan that you wish to be approved by the adviser so you can continue with your aim or goal to come u p with a dissertation for a specific topic. Take note that a proposal is not the final plan or outline for your research paper. It is the first thing that you need to accomplish to have a research idea that is feasible. In any case, an approved research proposal already reflects an approved outline for writing. So how do we write a good research proposal?

The first thing that you need to do is to think of a topic that you like to talk about. This will give you the idea of what to research for. For example, if you are a comp tech student, you may think of topics related to computer, internet, Information technology or business to business and e-commerce. Once you have the topic, you can create a small idea of thesis statement that you wish to assert and prove to be valid. This is the starting point of the thesis statement.

A dissertation research proposal may follow the same format of a regular thesis paper. The same chapters can be included in the proposal but the only difference is that you have not started our research yet and these parts are of minimal in number. It is like the reflection of your own assumptions that you will get from the results once you have completed the actual researching. The first part of the proposal is the introduction. It is like the same chapter of the thesis but in miniscule form. Simply provide the significance of the topic chosen and then provide some details about its background. You may also integrate the thesis statement in it.

The literature review part of the proposal will simply have to mention the resource materials that you will synthesize. Remember that the chapter only presents the true significance of the topic by mentioning other papers that concentrate on the subject. His will be followed by the methods part. You simply need to provide to your adviser the methods that you wish to execute to gather data for the research. Also, it is fine to mention what data analysis you will use once you have the necessary data.

Lastly, the conclusion part of the dissertation research proposal is simply a set of assumptions, approximations or guesses that you think you will achieve for your research results. Since you have not conducted the actual research yet, you can simply mention what you expect to be the outcomes of the procedures. It is like writing a marketing assignment essay and then predicting what the marketing outcome will be after an analysis.

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