Dissertation Guidelines

Students are sometimes shocked to know that writing a dissertation is never an easy task. Most of the time, these students only know that a research paper is simply the same as writing an essay only that it is more detailed. Well, it is partially true but the thing that should concern you most is that a dissertation paper is a demanding project that requires you to allocate a lot of effort and time resources to complete it. Now, to make your life easier, we will give you simple dissertation guidelines to help you out in writing your very first dissertation. We will give you a three stage process that will encompass the writing task of a dissertation paper.

Brainstorming and Thinking

This segment of the process in writing a dissertation is the very first step. There are some underlying procedures involved in thinking of a subject scope and that you should undertake these procedures seriously. Aside from coming up with a topic for your dissertation, the “thinking” scope also realizes the correct starting procedures that will help you manage your styles in researching and writing. The thinking stage must include these factors and steps: 1. Consider as much sub topics as possible 2. Take not of your ideas 3. Concentrate on your selected topic 4. Set a feasible goal 5. Conduct a pre-research study to test your goals.

Proposal Writing

The next segment is the preparing the dissertation proposal stage. This time, you will be doing the plan and the outline of your selected topic for researching. For example, when you have selected a topic for a law dissertation or a marketing dissertation paper, you need to provide a proposal to your adviser and get some feedback about your plan. When you do the proposal, there are also some procedures to consider; 1. Consult other external proposals for you to learn 2. Plan out a literature review document writing 3. It should include at least the first three segments of the research paper 4. Organize the parts of the thesis. 5. Include the steps to be undertaken.


Lastly, dissertation paper writing is the finalizing task. You should consider writing the different parts of the paper according to your preference and convenience. Anyway, you need to include all of these chapters when you are about to finalize your project so you might as well consider starting at an easy phase. When writing the dissertation paper, include all the necessary chapters; Introduction, Literature, Methods, Data, Conclusion. Make sure that these chapters are in the correct sequence. Aside from these parts, you may also need to include Abstract, Recommendations and Graphical illustrations. Of course, the title cover page and the bibliography page should not be missed out.

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