Dissertation Introduction – The Chapters for Starting a Research

We usually think of a dissertation to be very troublesome. Yes, it may be true but the fact that it is required in college education simply means that it is an important project. This time, let us talk about the importance of a dissertation introduction and the parts that it should contain.

Many dissertation examples are to be found online. However, not all of them can give you the best explanation why they were written in such a way. Moreover, internet resources do not necessarily provide you what parts are important in each section of the research paper. In this case, we can provide you some informative aspects on what details to be included in your dissertation introduction.

Thesis statement

There is no other way to start your project but to think of a thesis statement. This section of the introduction provides the overall scope of the research that you wish to undertake. It contains your intention topic that you think should be researched about. It does not really matter whether the concept is true or false since you will be doing your analysis later on. That is why you intend to conduct a research because you want to prove something out of the problem statement. Your introduction section should have this part for a start.


The abstract chapter includes the general scope of your topic. This means that you will need to input your knowledge about the subject without immediately exposing what you will be expecting in the results. The abstract plays an introduction that will leave the readers think twice in ignoring your research project. This should contain all the necessary background so that the audience can expand their understanding on what you are trying to explore. For example, when you are writing about a literature coursework, you would usually provide a background presentation about a piece of work. This goes the same with writing a dissertation introduction abstract.

Literature Review

Although some students will consider this section to be independent, it is actually included in the Introduction block of a paper. The main purpose of literature review is to provide the readers some reliability check whether the subject matter is feasible for research; this means that you will intend to support your subject by using other people’s works. When you will be writing your marketing dissertation, you will need to look for other materials for your reference. But actually, you can simply summarize the document and integrate it with your research file.

So where can I get some more help in writing a dissertation introduction?

Actually, you can simply use the internet for your research writing. As you can see, there are so many academic portals which can guide you in terms of topic formulation, thesis statement writing, using methods and defining conclusion parts. Also, you may get some dissertation format and writing styles suggestions among the pages online.

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