Writing a Research Assignment

How to Approach Writing a Research Assignment

There are several topics that teachers will want you to move into more depth with. These specific topics are designed to give you insight into the basic themes of the course while tying together the lectures and information that has been presented in class. If you are required to write a research assignment, then you want to make sure that you have the correct approach while getting the information needed on any given topic. The knowledge that you find will be based on the foundational information from your course, than will include what other scholars have said on the same topic. Following are some of the ways to move into your research so you can get better results on an assignment.

1. Find the focus. The different research assignment options will have several angles and perspectives that you can take. You want to make sure that you find one focus that can be included in your research. This will help you to get specific insights and will form the thesis and argument of your paper. Asking one specific question and making sure that you tie this in with your essay will provide you with better insight into the information that needs to be completed for any course. This will work as a jumping off point of your research paper which you can expand into deeper areas of information.

2. Know where to include research. Even though your paper will be based on finding scholarly information and resources, you want to make sure that you know where to include this with your paper. You should first show your main arguments in each paper that relate to the focus and thesis statement. The paragraphs should then back up these main arguments with research to tie together different pieces of information to your main argument. Writing with the right organization will help you to find a specific angle to what you are writing and can you with in – depth information to your paper.  This technique works most effectively with both short and extended essay topics.

3. Alternative research. Even though you will have a main focus and specific types of research included in your assignment, you will also want to add in the counter arguments to your research. This will help to define your focus even more and will include opposing viewpoints that are a part of the main information your teacher has given. The idea with this is to write a complete and well – rounded paper for your course. If you are not sure how to approach this, then looking at essay examples can provide you with a strong basis.

If your teacher wants you to move into depth with a specific topic, then you may be required to turn in a research assignment. To approach this correctly, you will need to focus on specific pieces of knowledge that you are interested in exploring. You can then tie these scholarly resources into a broader set of knowledge that will help you to understand the topics that have been discussed in your course.