Your Research Paper Format

Doing research papers are time-consuming and take a lot of effort to make. The aim of this paper is to investigate any particular problem. Topics can range from society to space, diseases to politics, or religion to science.
These are written in a formal style, but sometimes follow certain requirements. The style of the writing depends upon the author and is solely established by your professor’s or your own personal preferences. You can get some good examples online.

The format of all research papers can easily be generalized into the following factors.
• Correct grammar, punctuation and spelling
• Always write in the third person.
• Answer your thesis
• use good quality white paper (8 1/2″ x 11″)
• make use of only one side of the paper.
• Make sure that there are no folds in the paper whatsoever.
• There should be one-inch margins throughout the paper.
• For page numbers, they are placed one-half inch from the top upper-right hand corner. This is essential especially as reference for the index and table of contents.
• You can make use of the default settings of the Microsoft Word program regarding margins.
Title Page
• The necessity of this page should be discussed and established by you and your professor. The typical style of writing requires a title page.
• If your chosen style doesn’t have a title page, in your research paper, write your full name placed against the left margin.
• Write your professor’s name below yours along with your course code and the date of submission. When it comes to the title of your research paper set it ‘centered’;
• Remember to capitalize the words in your title. Only when they are prepositions or conjunctions should you not have to capitalize them.
• Do not put quotation marks before and after the title.

Page Numbers
• Use only Arabic numerals.
• Write the numeral/s only, other remarks or words are unnecessary.
• It should be located at the farthest right margin. Distance from the top should be exactly one inch.
• No period should be put after the page number.
Spacing between Lines and words

• Double space all texts and put in one space between words and after a punctuation mark. Never leave a space before a punctuation mark

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