Research Paper Methodology for Your Thesis

Research Paper MethodologyQuite often, we happen to hear that dissertation writing involves the creation of methodology. Briefly, this is the chapter which presents different types of methods through which the data is gathered and later implemented in the research.

In researching, there are many types of data collecting procedures. Actually, you need to first identify all appropriate methods for defining your subject as well as to find the available sources for your future investigation. Therefore, it is important to know how to apply data gathering approach before writing your research paper methodology.

Data Gathering Techniques

Admittedly, at the very beginning, you should be focused on the data gathering stage to make your research paper methodology chapter comprehensive. Generally speaking, there are many choices for writing the sample methodology in research paper. One of the best examples is data mining. This is usually done when all available data sets from libraries, institutions or public organizations are collected. Another data gathering procedure is made through surveying. In reality, this activity will be a piece of cake if you can write a survey questionnaire in an unbiased way. Everything you should do for this task is to submit this questionnaire to your target respondents. Of course, it is a tedious assignment, but at least, you can be assured that the minimal gathering errors are executed. Interviewing is one more type of the data management techniques. The great asset of this method lies in the fact that you can tally the answers of your respondents after conducting an interview personally.

Data Analysis Tools

Aside from data gathering activities involved in research paper methodology, there is the data analysis part, which requires much more demanding scope of writing, as your analysis depends mainly on the mathematical calculations. As far as there are many statistical tools for such analysis, you should be careful in identifying the one which is appropriate for your set of data. Speaking more in details about the analysis methods, you can use descriptive statistics which largely presents an illustrative picture of your data. In addition, you are free to apply ANOVA or analysis of variance where you can test hypotheses of your thesis statements. Moreover, it is possible to try such comparative testing methods like T-test or Z-tests for your example methodology research paper.

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