Research Paper Outline for your First Dissertation

When we talk about research paper outlines, it will only mean one thing-the chapter sequence involved in writing a thesis paper. Now, if you are still not familiar with those parts we can discuss it today for your convenience. You can now complete your economics dissertation, biology research paper or computer science dissertation with the help of some insights what chapters to include in your paper.

A research paper outline is very similar to the format in writing a simple essay example. In the past, you have been writing essay that are composed of only three parts: the introduction, body and the conclusion. However, because a research paper is considered a higher form in terms of data and information aspects, it will need more parts to present the findings of a study. The introduction and the conclusion parts will be the same but the body segment will have to be divided into smaller segments to accurately explain the whole of the research process.

For your convenience, let us simply discuss the first and last parts in a research paper outline since it is very much the same compared to an ordinary essay file. The introduction provides the core scope of the subject. This part presents the general outlook of what to expect in the project paper. You need to introduce your subject matter in a brief and concise way so that you do not divulge too much information to your readers which may lose their interest in your document. The introduction also serves as the entry point for your problems by having a thesis statement. This is a single sentence that emphasizes the problem at hand to be solved by researching.

The conclusion is simply a summary of the whole research process. This will involve the answer to your questions in your problem statement .Also; the hypotheses will be confirmed or rejected in this chapter. Try to be very accurate in explaining your conclusion results and be very specific of the solutions that you have discovered for your problem statement.

Now, the body part will be composed of several more chapters. In a research paper format, you will need to include the following:

Literature review-the summary of another project that is related toy our study subject. This is used for significance development of your topic.

Methodology-is the chapter where you need to emphasize your procedures in researching. This will present the whole technical aspects in data gathering and experimental results analyses.

Data and Results-the chapter that provides the data in numerical form. This chapter also presents the results that were extracted by the analysis in the methods part. You can actually do a dissertation search for examples if you want to familiarize yourself with this part.
In some cases, a student may also add some more chapters in the research paper outline guide. After the Conclusion, a Recommendations page may be included. This chapter provides a new idea for readers to conduct a more rigorous and specific research process to further expand the conclusion results. Of course, there will always be limitations to research studies so additional researches may be needed. If you will need some more information about dissertations, you can check out some previous posts in this site.