Writing Your Research Paper

Ideally, college students should know how to write a research paper. But in reality, many students struggle with this task. Writing this paper entails much more than just writing a couple of essays about a topic and bunching them together. Here are some useful tips to help you out:

Choosing a Topic

Choose a topic you are genuinely interested in. This will make the task less tedious. Also, try to avoid subjects that are too technical or too specialized.

After choosing a general subject, try to narrow it down into a more specific topic. For example, narrow down “Psychology” into “Clinical Psychology” to “Psychotherapy”.

Reading and Note Taking

After obtaining your teacher’s approval, you may begin reading up on your topic and taking down notes. As much as you can, read about the topic from different sources, including the Internet, magazines, newspapers, and books. You may also conduct interviews if the need arises. The information you gather will be the backbone of your research paper.

Remember to document your sources. Acknowledge your sources in footnotes and endnotes in your work. This will tell the reader a great deal about the reliability of your sources – and of course, keep your work from being labeled “plagiarized”.

Your Thesis Statement

After having read about the topic, your next step is to do a little critical thinking. Think about what you want to discuss in you paper. Sum up your thesis statement in one sentence.

Next, you will have to organize your thoughts in an outline. This will help you think through the topic before you start writing. Your outline should include an Introduction, (where you state the purpose of your paper), a Body (where you arrange your arguments to support your ideas), and a Conclusion (where you summarize your arguments and write your concluding statement).

Your Paper – Drafting, Editing, Printing

Organize your notes according to your outline. Sort out which data will be useful for which point. Do not include any information that you cannot comprehend, furthermore, do not include any irrelevant information.

After reading, and rereading your notes (that is, according to your outline), Write down your first draft. You can paraphrase, summarize, or quote directly, for as long as you cite your sources.

Edit your first draft. Check you data. Rewrite and revise until you are satisfied with your sample research paper. If necessary, re-organize your outline. Just keep your thesis statement and your reader in mind.

Proofread for punctuation, spelling, duplicated or missing words. Keep your paper neat and attractive. Have it ready at least three days before the deadline. This way you will have time to triple check. Your research paper format is of great importance too.

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