Undergraduate Coursework – College Writing and Research

Significantly, there are different types of undergraduate coursework. You may think of them as a simple task for learning but actually, some students will have a hard time completing each and every coursework they have. For the purpose of helping you realize the various types of coursework, read trough the following materials.

There are practically hundreds of types of courses in college. You can get a sociology course, biology, science, math, statistics, history, law and management. Sometimes, the type of coursework to be required by your teacher will largely depend on your course. It is always a good idea to limit this scope of interest so that it would be much easier for the students to answer each segment requirements.

Question and Answer

One very good example of a coursework is by answering several questions. This type of project makes it possible to simply input your experience as just like taking an exam. Although this is not time-framed, you still have to look for the best answer according to each questions asked. Some GCSE coursework may even require you to do several days of research before you can answer a single question.

Field Work

The coursework principle behind field work is to expose the students about the real life situation. In theory, the scope can be learned inside the classroom. But in order to understand the exact learning concept, you must also go out of the room and experience real situation first hand. This will give you a definite advantage in understanding more your undergraduate lessons. Some sociology coursework* may even require you to go out in dangerous places to test your skills in adapting to the environment.

Essay Writing

Another form of coursework can be in the segment of writing an article. This is one of the most common types of projects in schools. Basically, what your teacher is looking for are the abilities to write coherent articles, being able to do good research and letting you provide your personal opinion according to how you think and feel. Some examples of this type are political essays, law dissertations, history thesis and IT coursework.


One more type of an undergraduate coursework is experimenting. In your high school days, you must have done at least experiment in science class. In that case, you should already be aware of the different scopes of doing an experiment. From building up your problem statement, creating hypothesis, testing the hypothesis and writing the conclusion. These are all the necessary steps in doing an experiment. As a project in college, the requirements are more rigid. Therefore, you need to initialize the best possible way to execute your experiments.

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