What is a dissertation? – High Level Research

When you first entered school, you were probably exposed to minimal types of activities looking for answers to a question. However, as you go along the learning process and reach more heights in terms of knowledge build up, you have probably experienced researching for answers that were not actually considered to be important. In college education, a dissertation may just be the formal way of looking for answers. So if you are still asking what is a dissertation, read on and see the defined characteristics of this kind of written assignment essay type.

A dissertation is actually a simple kind of thesis that enriches the knowledge parameter of the student. It is a piece of writing based solely on the facts and findings of a research process. The word dissertation has its origin in Latin meaning “discourse”. Usually, college students are required to submit a dissertation in an attempt to earn higher degrees of education status say for example in the masters or PhD degrees. A high school student may write about essays like history, law, economics, politics, psychology or sciences. These are very broad topics to research on. On the other hand, a college dissertation imposes research on very specific topics like the growth of plants on a waterless environment, the use of hybrid cars for the future or even the role of placebo in a medical research.

There are several segments that a dissertation may have when you write one. These parts are also to be found among the written papers in a thesis document. You should know by now that these segments are very important in order to present the findings of a research in a chronological manner. Let us take a look at some of these basic divisions.

1. Introduction and Abstract – In this part, you attempt to present an initial knowledge about the topic you are going to discuss. You may input the parts like the problem statement, the background of the study and the possible prediction of results. It does not need to be very detailed since you will be presenting the findings on the latter part of the paper.
2. Methodology – this segment explains how you have performed the search for the knowledge to support your claims. The methods that you used to collect and interpret data are also explained in this section. This is a very important discussion in a dissertation especially in those highly technical and analytical types of researches like a law dissertation or a computer science dissertation.
3. Results and Conclusion – Just like in a thesis, you need to have a separate section where the results of the experiments and the conclusion to your problem statement are answered. The conclusion should be the overall assessment on what the answer of the thesis statement is. You need to formulate a formal statement whether the outcome is positive or negative.

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