Term Paper Topic Idea

Deciding term paper topic idea takes lots of time. Many students prefer that the tutor should give a subject to write. But the disadvantage of this is that they will have to write on something about which they do not have full knowledge. Or they might have to write on something on which they are not able to gather enough research material. So it is better if the student is given the option of choosing a subject or thesis of his essay on his own.

While deciding upon a thesis of your essay try not to choose a very general issue. Your subject should be as specific as possible. Focus on a particular aspect of a subject. Suppose you have been asked to write on ‘abortion’, instead of writing a general essay on it, focus on one strong aspect related to it. You can write on ‘what are the effects of abortion on teenagers’. You can also write on ‘what are the causes of abortion’ or ‘how repeated abortions are detrimental for a woman’s health.’ Writing on a specific aspect would make your essay more focussed.

A good quality essay revolves around a question. If you have decided upon an issue to write, ask yourself what is that aspect of the subject about which you do not have enough information or about which you would like to know more. Alternatively you can read your textbook and look for an issue which has not been elaborated much or which is so interesting that you want to explore more. This way you will be able to hit upon a meaty issue for your essay.

It might be that you do not completely agree with some viewpoints of the author of your textbook. You can write essay on why you do not agree with the author on that particular point. You will have to present strong arguments in support of your point of view. You will even have to present evidence proving that the author’s point of view is a little dubious or questionable. Though you will have to do lots of research in this kind of essay, it will make an interesting read for your tutor. If you think you do not have enough guts to challenge the assumptions of a published writer then you can also try to correlate his two different arguments and bring out a common link between them. These kinds of strategies can give a unique angle to your subject.

A habit of reading facilitates the conception of a subject to write. Due to the advancement of new technologies students neither have interest nor time to read books and journals. This is a reason why they have to struggle a lot in deciding a subject for their assignment. Discussion of a subject with the tutor or classmates also helps in getting fresh insights.

Term paper topic idea is one of the main pillars of an essay. It is the backbone of every essay. If the backbone is not strong then how can the entire structure be strong? So develop a good subject in order to build a strong piece of writing.