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Economics Essay

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Water is one of the essential needs for the survival of the human being. The increase of water bills means that the citizens are being denied their full rights of acquisition of a basic need. Residents of California City were not happy with the increase in water bills in April. Mayor Ashley was shocked because of the increase in water bills in California. The water system had witnessed advance changes which affected the city and all its activities. The increase in water bills meant that the city dwellers had to adapt to a new lifestyle as they also deal with increased rate of inflation.
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Economics Essay
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The Basic Economic Problem Essay: A Guide to Writing the Essay

Writing an essay doesn’t come naturally to everyone. However, some people are better at writing than others. Instead of writing an academic essay, you can be given questions in your examinations and be expected to answer them. Meanwhile, an essay is a way for you to show your prowess on a topic, and since it is compulsory, it is essential for you to know how to write the piece. For you to write an essay, you will have to do the most important thing, and that is to select a subject that you can quickly write on with ease.
Selecting an essay is not as tricky as people presume it to be. To choose an excellent economics essay topics to write about, you first have to rule out the fact that you don’t have to write about issues that are too general or simple. The topics that you write about should be unique. Pick a problem that you are familiar with, so you will have an easier time writing.
Writing an essay is not difficult you need to follow the general formula that is normally used. It needs to have an introduction, body, conclusion and the bibliography. The introduction will seek to explain why the question posed is essential, it will also attempt to give you the answer to the question. In the opening, there will be a summary of what will be discussed in the essay. After the introduction, there is the body of the article. In the body, you should explain the points of your piece that you had mentioned briefly in the introduction. The points should be written systematically, after writing the body of the essay you then have to write the conclusion.
The conclusion will give a summary of what was being discussed in the essay. Through the end, you will have to make the reader understand why it was essential to provide the answers to the question in the introduction. Finally, you will state the sources of information that you used while compiling the essay. We have writers on our team that know the right format to use in your article.
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