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One of the major differences between business marketing and consumer marketing is that in cases of business marketing the organization is involved in selling goods and services that are purchased by an organization and in case of consumer marketing the organization is involved in selling goods and services to human beings (Kotler, 2012). Therefore, a marketing manager needs to take into account the various factors that influence the buying decisions made by organizations and consumers.
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Essay Reference
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Essay Reference That Results in Plagiarism Free Content

Writing an academic essay is not easy, especially when you barely understand the required reference style. To eradicate this burden, college students turn to online reference generators that help organize and cite various sources used in the essay.

The problem with this method is that some reference generators are inaccurate. While reviews of reference generators can point you to the right tool, citations tend to change with time, and some tools fail to adhere to the latest edition. Besides, there are so many types of reference styles with several unique guidelines that can be confusing for anyone encountering them for the first time.

Besides, writing a lengthy essay such as term paper, research paper, dissertation, or thesis requires the writer to add credible references from several scholarly sources. Whether you want to paraphrase or quote from a book, journal, website, article, or newspaper, the essay reference must be done correctly; otherwise, you might get a poor grade, or your essay ends getting rejected because of plagiarism issues.

Referencing Overview: Which Is the Appropriate Citation Style

There are hundreds of citation styles to choose from, and the one to select depends on the essay and your discipline. We can help you select the right reference style and apply it consistently throughout the essay. Reviews about our experts prove that we provide complete satisfaction and have top-notch skills in using any citation or reference style.

We have extensive knowledge of each citation guide, including those requested in arts, business, engineering, law, health, science, medical, history, humanities, meteorology, anthropology, and others. For every essay assigned to our professional, we ensure that the reference occurs in the body of the paper and at the last page in the form of a reference list, bibliography, or works cited.

Our experts have extensive knowledge on every citation guide; hence we add a reference:

  • When using a direct quotation.
  • For any information that has been paraphrased.
  • Unique data like dates, statistics, case studies, and examples.
  • To give weight to a particular essay argument, ideas, viewpoint, or theory.

By properly adding a reference to an essay, we prevent students from dealing with plagiarism penalties caused by copying someone else’s work without giving proper credit. Supporting all essay arguments with reference from scholarly sources is what we include to give your essay credibility and effectiveness.

When writing an essay, the assigned specialist always adheres to the latest reference guide, and we frequently update our knowledge to remain at per with the current UK academic standards. To prove that we are indeed capable of handling any college essay, here are reference styles we have assisted students from all over the UK in understanding:

  • Chicago-uses footnotes
  • Vancouver-numeric referencing
  • OSCOLA – footnotes
  • APA – author-date
  • MHRA – author-date
  • Oxford -footnotes
  • Harvard – Author date
  • MLA – author page number
  • AMS – names abbreviated
  • IEEE – Number in square brackets.

Each reference style has a specific edition. That is why our experts frequently undergo training to make sure that the reference style used when writing a particular essay is based on the latest guide. For instance, currently, MLA uses the 8th edition, APA is at 6th while the newest edition for the Chicago reference style is 17.

Comprehensive Guide on Harvard References

Our service has many positive reviews, especially when it comes to ensuring an essay has zero plagiarism. We help graduate students submit 100% unique paper that has been correctly referenced in Harvard style or any other. Scholars seek our help because when it comes to using the Harvard reference style, it has a lot of rules which take time to master.

Since our experts have experience referencing different sources using the author-date format, we have assisted many UK college students in giving an essay that helps to understand this formatting method. As a result, if you have a source that you want to use in your paper but don’t know how to credit it correctly, then seek assistance from our professional. Whenever you request an essay and select Harvard as the preferred format expect the following:

  • A full reference list that is alphabetically organized to be available on a separate page.
  • The references are double spaced unless otherwise requested.
  • In-text reference in the form of author-date to be added for any paraphrased sentences within the main body of the essay. If a direct quote is used, then the in-text citation will have an author-date and page number.
  • Multiple sources from the same author are differentiated by letters for instance (Barbara 2018a)
  • If the source to be used in the essay has no date, then instead of the year of publication, we add the phrase no date.
  • When citing a book chapter that is edited instead of the name of the editor, we use the author’s surname.
  • When citing material written in a foreign language, then for in-text reference, our professional will spell the author’s family name in full roman script.

Some of the frequently referenced sources used in an essay come from web pages, books with a single author, books with two or more authors, reports, book chapters, an edited book, an online image, and electronic and print journals. Checking every single reference for research essays can take hours, if not days.

Luckily, our experts are ready to help you free up some time by doing the essay for you. By arranging the bibliography and using a specific reference consistently, we help you better understand the right format to use for such an essay.

References Example for Visual Material

While various research materials have to be referenced the correct way, our experts never hesitate to assist in writing accurate references for visual content. Examples of visual resources that we can reference in an essay include graphs, maps, artwork, film, videos, and photographs contained in volumes, on the internet, or of a specific database. To help UK students understand better, use the well-written examples listed below.

  • When writing a reference for artwork for the in-text citation, add the artist or creator’s name as well as the date of publication in brackets. As for a full reference list, include the creator, publication date, title, work type, dimensions, museum, and city.
  • If the visual source that needs to be used in an essay is from a book, then to reference in APA, our experts start writing with the name of the artist, year of creation, and finally, the title.

How to Reference an Essay the Right Way

Academic referencing is a skill that all UK College students need to master. However, with so many guidelines and a tight schedule, it becomes challenging to find ample time to understand all reference rules. Besides, different education institutions, departments, and even professors tend to prefer a specific style for a particular essay, yet incorrect references often translate to a bad grade. So which is the easiest way to cite and reference all sources used in an essay?

  • Avoid plagiarism by giving credit to the author whose research work you have used in the essay.
  • After completing the writing procedure, pass the essay through a modern plagiarism checker and only submit the piece if it is 100% unique.
  • Use research material that is related to the essay topic and that which proves to the professor that you have understood the subject matter.
  • Validate all arguments stated in the essay using recent scholarly material.
  • Use the requested reference style consistently and avoid using different styles in one essay.

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Guarantees, benefits, and the easy order process have enabled our service to rank amongst the top three in the UK. So every time you order from our platform, expect to get a plagiarism-free and quality essay.

Our service operates on the goal of ensuring every scholar in the UK grasps all the citation styles and reference material correctly to prevent plagiarism. That is why we also offer a guide for each style. With our service as a preferred option, you never have to struggle to understand any formatting rules. Let us make the work easier for you. Rely on us and deliver a properly referenced academic essay.

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