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Free essays online vs Customized content

Tight schedules. Burning deadlines. Demanding tutors. Low energy and next-to-zero determination coping with another bunch of essays.

What would a savvy student do in such a situation?

Get free essays online and turn them in. Time saved. Nice rest attained. Problem solved.

But what about the results? Now that’s what has always been the weakest link in this endeavor.

It’s like an undergraduate’s game of chance –your free essays are either verified by strict UK tutors or not. Moreover, there is a plagiarism check to be passed by. Thus, the odds of successfully submitting such piece of writing are confidently tittering at the20% margin.

And as the days grow longer, the storms are stronger.

Important things first – Who is the writer?

That’s a good question, actually. Because when it comes to free essays online, the author is unknown. Was it a school pupil? Was it a cab driver? Was it the people? And the most vibrant question here is…


Handing an essay in by the “lost writer” is risky. And suspicious. Yes, it’s free. Yes, it has already been written so you just change a name at the cover page. Yet, you have to consider the following.

When delivering free essays, UK academicians will ban you 4 times out of 5 (see the statistics above). And the next passage will tell you why.

The STOP sign for a student’s essay

Plagiarism. Students sleep 3 hours a day only to present an original paper. It is put at the head of the table – at the most honored place. Genuine content is the King.

But free essays available online have been downloaded (and submitted!) hundreds of times. Consequently, authenticity is out of question. Because it’s simply missing.

Imagine this:

  • You acquire one of the free essays at a UK source
  • You skim it through and turn in when the time comes
  • Your supervisor reads “your” work and (if nothing faulty is spotted)…
  • …checks it for plagiarism

What does she see? Awful things. Horrible. Your free essay is plagiarized to the backbone. The consequences will be severe. From a penalty to expelling. And you DO NOT want it happen, right?

Déjà vu for your tutor

Free cheese is only found in the mousetrap. Free essays found online are re-distributed thousands of times and then submitted by thousands of students. Again and again.

Moreover, teachers don’t like reading same essays over and over. Even if they are good.

This is the trick a smart student pulls

Customization. Instead of getting free essays online, you get individually tailored works that are unique. Written according to your demands and instructions, such essays provide 3 significant advantages:

  1. Lecturers think YOU are the author because the writing resembles a work of a student
  2. Tutors like the plot because experts research your topic from scratch
  3. Supervisors see your work is authentic because plagiarism software says it’s “OK”

Sounds good? Every 4th students says it really is. However, customized essays have a drawback. The price.

The value for money is worth of every penny

Free essays and UK experts providing original papers have an abyss of difference. The last bring you high grades whereas the first can serve as samples, if the best happened.


Instead get a personally tailored essay customized according to your instructions at It is the best way out, if you are unable coping with a task yourself. Moreover, samples prepared and proofread by graduate writers are available for free.

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