One way to come up with the perfect essay format

You have all the ideas but don’t know the essay format to write an essay? Let me help you out

Basically there are three parts in a good essay. They are introduction, body, and conclusion. Body depending on the length of your essay topic can have more than three points.

Introduction is where you can clearly state your thesis and what you are going to say in preceding paragraphs. This should address the problem statement. This should clearly state whether you agree or disagree with it.

Body consists of everything to support your thesis by arguments and things you know and believing in. You can use different paragraphs to support one point of view and thesis. It should also show the data you give to support your statement.

Depending upon the length of your essay each paragraph should explain a particular point of view and your views and opinions to support it. You can do that in detail as well as explore the possible perspectives to support your view.

When you write essay always remember and quote the sources from which you got the information.You should reinstate your introduction in conclusion. Give a brief and meaningful exit.

A clearly organized essay will attracts lots of reading. The basis format will form the frame work or skeleton for all types of documents. It will give focus to your English essay. It will not allow you to deviate from the main thesis.

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